Crystal healing

crystal healing

Crystals have been recognised for their energetic healing and protective properties since ancient times.

Crystal healing uses a metaphysical approach to holistic wellbeing.

All crystals carry an energetic charge which can in turn affect the energy field of an individual. Crystals can be used directly 'on' a person- by being held, carried or worn, or in the room or area 'around' the person- to discharge stagnation of energy and increase energy flow.

Individual crystals are recognised to carry specific energetic and healing properties for particular areas of 'dis- ease' and increase overall wellbeing.

A combination of crystal wands, pendulums and chakra crystals will be used in your treatment. It is also possible to incorporate massage and reiki into your crystal therapy treatment.

Your gentle crystal healing session with Emma will last one hour. Treatment is carried out fully clothed lying on a massage table. Each session costs £40. Please contact 07813 396659 to book.