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Intuition Building and Psychic Development

This one of a kind course is the first of Silver Topaz's sprititual training programs.

over the duration of this five week short course, which takes place over weekly 90 minute sessions, we will focus on our psychic potential and how it is inter connected to our intuition. The 180 minute course st can really give you a broad understanding and allow you to experience psychic phenomena for yourself. Even if you aquainted with your intuition or you can connect psychically you may well find you can still benefit as the course will do the following;

  • explore perceptions of what ‘psychic’ means
  • clarify difference between psychic connection, intuition and thought
  • explore how energy and matter are influenced by thought
  • increase awareness of group consciousness and how this influences outcomes
  • enhance ability to connect psychically 
  • explore reading individuals and inanimate objects using psychic awareness
  • discuss the concepts of paradox & higher power and how this can influence life factors

As with all of our courses we aim to give you the following all with the gentle use of guided meditation or hypnosis.

  • Greater sense of calm 
  • New skills and knowledge
  • Sense of sanctuary from day to day life
  • Knowledge as to how we experience life externally via the outside world and internally within our mind
  • Increased ability to notice more positive things

We will be adding more courses to the diary in future. Including;

  • Sound Therapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • How to use a pendulum 
  • The nature of suffering
  • Shifting Karma 
  • Mindfulness
  • Overcoming stress and anxiety
  • Contacting your guides
  • Using the tools of NLP

Just to mention few. I