Welcome to our therapy centre

Silver Topaz Therapy Centre is based in Brightlingsea Essex. We offer you a range of holistic services including:

  • A crystal shop- selling crystals, lamps, jewellery, ornaments, books, oracle cards and more
  • Energy healing- including reiki, crystal healing & various forms of massage
  • Talking therapies- including hypnosis, mindfulness & past life regression
  • Workshops and training- including spiritual development, reiki & other energy healing methods.

We really hope you enjoy your visit- and whichever service you choose. We look forward to meeting you soon. 

Best wishes

Emma and John

Please contact us on 07813 396659 to make a booking or discuss your needs further.

Psychic reading, healing and talking therapy room

The reading and talking therapies room is gentle beautiful and other worldly. The colouring and light are ideal to help you relax and the energetic feel is light and supportive to your healing and guidance.