What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind. Whether we are aware of it or not, we enter into and out of a state of hypnosis at points throughout the day. How often do you notice that you feel hungry after seeing an advert for pizza or chocolate for example? This should reassure you that hypnosis is not in itself a state which feels uncomfortable or out of control. 

Hypnosis is simply a word which we use to explain the change from one mind state to another. A more commonly used phrase is being in an ‘altered state’. We are in an altered state when we are watching tv, reading a book, listening to music, playing a computer game or even checking Facebook.

When we relax, our attention is more easily drawn to a place where we are open to suggestions. so, when you attend hypnotherapy with me I will simply be working with you to enable you to safety and comfortably access a place where you can  make the changes you want through using your own suggestions on how best to deal with issues which have previously been difficult for you.

What should I expect?

Your first appointment of hypnotherapy will be relaxed and low key. It is an opportunity for you to find out more about how your treatments will be structured and for me to find out more about what has brought you here. 

It is not unusual to feel anxious in the lead up to your first appointment or when you arrive. It is normal for us to feel nervous about the unknown. I am a genuine and caring person with almost ten years experience in this area and can reassure you that you are not alone. Hypnotherapy can free you of this anxiety and much more.

How long will my hypnotherapy last?

Your initial session will last up to 60 minutes. Depending on the issues concerned I will generally recommend three more sessions which are each up to 60 minutes long. I will only recommend further appointments if we agree that they are really necessary. 

How much will it cost?

Your initial session costs costs £50 and is up to 60 minutes long. Further individual sessions cost £50 pounds per session and generally last up to 60 minutes. If you book a block of four sessions you receive a 10% discount- £180 ( which works out at £45 per session) You can pay in cash, by paypal or with a debit or credit card. Payment is either taken at the end of each session or prior to your block sessions commencing. So if you come along for the initial appointent at £50 there would be a further £130 required for the remaining three sessions. I will require 24 hours notice to rearrange an appointment. If you give less than 24 hours to rearrange or do not attend an appointment without notice, you will need to pay for that appointment.

What will my hypnotherapy involve?

Many people feel a little anxious when arriving at an initial appointment as there are many misconceptions about exactly what happens during hypnotherapy. People often question whether they will be aware of what is going on. I do not do ‘stage’ hypnosis or hypnotise anyone for peoples entertainment. Hypnotherapists are bound to a strict code of ethics and conduct which are set and verified by the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) to which i am qualified and accredited. 

Hypnosis can work with eyes open or closed. During hypnosis I will only take you into as deep a state as you are ready and willing to go. It might be that you want to go into as deep a state as possible - that’s ok, but will always be discussed beforehand. You may not want to go into a deep state- that’s also ok- and does not make your hypnotherapy any less effective. 

It might be that you can recall everything that takes place in your session. Key moments might come to mind- either way this is normal and fine. We all respond differently to different things- i.e we may all have learnt to ride a bike in slightly different ways but still end up being able to ride whatever the process may involve along the way.

My assurance to you:

When you attend hypnotherapy with me, I will:

  • welcome you into a comfortable and safe environment
  • listen to you carefully
  • encourage you to change gently and at a speed which is appropriate for you
  • respect your life and circumstances
  • encourage you to make your own choices
  • introduce you to new ideas- without imposing
  • help you uncover positive things about yourself

When you attend hypnotherapy with me I will not:

  • judge you
  • make you act like a chicken
  • talk about you- or the things which we discuss- with anyone else
  • make you talk about things which you are not ready to disclose
  • fully hypnotise you before i think you are ready
  • tell you what to do

In return, i ask that you:

  • arrive to your appointment on time
  • pay me the agreed amount on time 
  • stick to the 24 hour notice period if you need to rearrange- I give a lot of time and energy to my clients and many people approach me for help. Appointment times are precious- if you can’t attend, someone else who is in need might be able to.

If we stick to these basic principles I can give you a very valuable life tool in return. I look forward to working with you.