About us


I provide hypnotherapy and past life regression treatments from our therapy centre in Brightlingsea.

I am GHSC accredited to the national standard in clinical hypnotherapy practice and have enjoyed working as a practitioner for 9 years. I am passionate about hypnotherapy and its many uses.

I aim to maintain a spiritual outlook throughout each day and am always open to new ways of perceiving the world. I have recently started to learn Reiki- which is adding to the tools which can assist people with.

My clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs- I work to positively support them from the perspective of their own world view.

I invite you to contact me on 07923 822 810 and establish a positive direction in overcoming your current life challenges.


I provide crystal healing, holistic massage, indian head massage and reiki treatments from our therapy centre in Brightlingsea. I also teach reiki & baby massage and make various items of decorative art and jewellery.

I am fully qualified and insured to provide a range of holistic healing treatments and courses. I have been a reiki master/teacher since 2006 and an infant massage and yoga instructor since 2011

I am a creative, spiritual person with a strong sense of intuition. Throughout my work, this has given me the ability to help people see circumstances from a new perspective. I look forward to helping you too!

Please contact me on 07813 396659 for further information on treatments, courses or artwork.