work is love made real

art furniture and jewellery

I originally studied art and design. I specialised in textiles and three-dimensional design. I have also studied jewellery making and working with metal clay.

Creative expression is an essential part of my life. Images help us 'unwrap' the messages of our unconscious. Once we can translate and express these messages, we can understand and improve our present! 

I use imagery in guided meditations and to help interpret dreams. I find inspiration in nature, childhood, dreams and the ethereal.

I have a particular love of contrasting colours and textures and am drawn to hearts as symbols. Once you start looking, you can find signs of love everywhere

I upcycle old furniture too. You can either buy a piece listed or commission me to reimagine a piece of your own furniture that needs a bit of love.

All work displayed is available for sale and I am happy to talk through ideas if you have a particular piece of art, jewellery or furniture in mind. 

Prices range from £10 for small jewellery items upwards. Please visit the shop or contact me on 07813 396659