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  1. Living to the laws of nature

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    living to natural law 

    In some ways living to the laws of nature is an over played idea. We all know that this is how we should live. In sync with all things. Yet how difficult is it to do this? It can be hard it can be easy. Actually living to the laws of nature by the very nature of it will bring you times when it is hard, and other times when it is easy. That is the nature of things. Sometimes you feel natural other times you feel unnatural. There is a time for all things in nature. Not recognising this might breed conflict. Recognising this can bring acceptance. There is a time for conflict and a time for acceptance by the very nature of things.


    Day to day we follow what is in front of us it is the natural thing to do. We go to work, correspond to people, apply effort, we get things right and we get things wrong. According to nature that is ok. Because when we get things wrong we have either ignored, forgotten or acted our way out of the path. The natural supporting path in front of you. All of us.


    For humans this natural law is quite paradoxically not a law but an idea of not knowing.


     “Natural law cannot be affected by ego”


    Its huge, just re-play that to yourself again.


    “Natural law cannot be affected by ego”


    So that means?


    That in order to live by natural law you have to recognise just how much of you. The illusory you, is ego. You have to recognise false ideas it feeds you are not particularly natural, are often based on fear and your ego may want you to feel discomfort and pain, in a bid to survive. It wants your energy so it can continue to lead you and all of us down a blind alley. Away from what was intended for you. The peace that is missing, through avoiding emotions, people, places and situations, making us react again and react some more. Manifesting stress.


    Systems, religion, policies and politics may not be in keeping with the natural law. It makes all such ideas almost insignificant. Stepping outside the office here in Brightlingsea I notice the concrete, the sounds of cars as well as buildings and structures. Some would be in accordance with natural law and others won’t. But nature will always decide. We were never in control and we never will be.


    Yes the ego will only have us wanting control. It will have us moving so far away from the path that we have littered the world with disused nuclear power plants and plastic mountains that will ultimately pollute the waterways. Would the native Americans see themselves do this to the earth? Would the dolphins manipulate the sea so they have all the water?


    We have intent and we can create. This is our gift. The energy that is, is there for us all. We can let go of our egos, we can soothe and heal our bodies and our minds. We can connect with our infinite source, our guides our angels our helpers.  We can live to the laws of nature so that our intent will only work in accordance with this. We can manifest in this way. We can stay on the path. We can face our feelings, we can face our fears and we can redefine ourselves by the many new vibes and energies that are now being beamed around the earth. Things have changed and the old un-natural ways are more volatile. They require more and more energy to exist at this time. People are hurting and people are healing. There is a time to struggle and a time to flow. So as the fear escalates it will eventually disperse replaced by the new and redefined ego. A new life position available to us all. You can manifest in this new but old way. Reminding ourselves that you cannot make a flower grow. But you can talk to it, you can water it and you can intuit the right time to apply one or the other. (talking to plants works)


    Bringing forth the flow is to understand that resistance has its time too. But remembering this keeps you within the laws that reside. At least for now. At least until as a group, as a planet we connect to the light and bring it forth more and more each day.


    Its happening.


    Love and light.