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So October the 1st has been delcared the "International Day For Older Persons". 

Reading a book that I received for my birthday, it states that there are an estimated 600 million people in the world over the age of 60. This figure will double by 2025 and will reach 2 billion by 2050.

At this point I will be 72 years old! Such an inconcievable thought right now. Given that I am in the business of thought- and what it does and doesn't mean- I can look back on my life and remember that at 21 I had very little notion of what it is to be 41. Feeling older (sometimes) and feeling younger than I really am (most of the time) might be one way of coping with the inevitable change that will happen to us all. 

"You will get older and life will change"

I have seen many older clients over the years and even though I have helped with many conditions and ailments (including coping with osteoarthritis or the crippling pain of loss and grief) I have been very mindful that even though I can surmise and give positive advice I really do not know what it is to be at that stage until it happens to me. Or should I say that I really do not know how I will think when I am 71? Yes, I do believe that even as we get older we will have conscious and unconscious thoughts all helping to decide what is and what is not real. 

To be older and alone, telling ourselves we like our own company may be one thing - but having a happy and fulfilled life that isn't just supported by our grumpy neighbours or friends at the coffee morning might be harder to acheive than we might expect? but how do I know until I get there? 

By nature we are designed to operate and survive within groups and we have the ability to choose happy and loving thoughts. We have the ability to learn to get negative thoughts off our mind and we can project and present a loving demeanour whereever we go. However, none of these things are fun or fulfilling unless we have the people to share the good stuff with. People of any age who are open to and like to hear what you have to say; those who like to feel the sense of having you around; the everyday people in our lives who have become used to seeing our smile enduring the journey of life over many decades. 

Yes I can safely say that to have a fullfiled lifestyle in older age, we must bring our younger past with us and I am certainly going to try and do this. I am also going to help my older hypnotherapy clients think in a way that is most supportive of them regardless of their circumstances. Even in our older years we have untapped potential - some would argue limitless potential! I know my Emma will think this too and I really hope she is here when I am 100 because I know on my 41st birthday (and it is my birthday today) that regardless of all the training; knowledge of the mind ; and all the interesting metaphysical things in life- we all need the best people around to make the difference that makes the difference to us all. 

So lets spare a thought for those who have the best things and lets give the love and the best wishes to those who feel they don't.

Thank you 

John J

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