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VISUALISE SUCCESSSee yourself doing well in this situation and have faith in a positive outcome

Whilst opening up to this reading, John says:


"When I first drew this card, I was impressed upon. I had the feeling that the person seeking help and advice had recently been 'down in the dumps'. The higher planes were instructing me that life had been feeling 'blocked' for this person- and this feeling was now starting to get this person down a little. The angels instructed me to say that 'all is not lost and that life is going according to plan'.

The piece of citrine calcite which I have included with this reading is there to promote a sense of self and boost confidence. It is charged with the most beautiful light and energetic rays and will help to reassure you and assist you in moving whatever is blocking you. "

If this card resonates with you and you feel you could be the person who this reading is intended for- or you know someone who you think it might help- please get in touch.

If you wish to buy a card reading you can simply purchase under whichever category heading best matches your current circumstances. We will then arrange your appointment for a time which suits and carry out your card reading via videocall, phonecall or email.

As part of the reading package we will send you a crystal combination which has been individually picked specifically to assist with your situation.

Flower of life

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Readings can take place face to face or via Skype or Facetime

VISUALISE SUCCESSSee yourself doing well in this situation and have faith in a positive outcome

We are continually working away behind the scenes trying to find as many ways as possible of being able to incorporate our unique gifts into the ways in which we support you. 

When we have accurately assessed and guided customers of our mobile crystal stall in selecting the right crystals to enable them to develop on their path, we often get asked if we do 'readings'. The market can be busy- our crystals have a lot of fans now- so we cant always give the individual attention that we would like to. Many of our various therapy clients have expressed interest in this side of our work too.

We've been aware for some time that to be able to give the best service we wanted be able to offer this guidance and support in the most centred and focussed way- as a specific service in its own right. This is why we are delighted to now be able to offer you the opportuntiy to book an Angel Card reading with us via our online shop.


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