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Whilst having a tipple in the local pub, this idea popped up just the other day, when we were discussing how people get addicted to their thinking? Some people literally believe everything they think. Well so what you might say? Isn’t that the idea? Well if you think that you are in the majority. However these twenty questions are what alcoholics are asked when attending “Alcoholics Anonymous”, and it may give you an insight into what you think and why.

Check it out and try not to think about if you are a thinkaholic!

p.s. keep on reading through, because if it doesn’t make sense at first, try not to think about it, as it will all come together in your mind by the end of the post. Enjoy!

1. Do you lose time from work due to your thinking?

Thinking is subjective and when we get stuck in a cycle of perpetual thinking our ego tends to defend the protruding belief tucked in behind it. Its odd at first not to think about it, but when this happens we start to focus our conscious energy into this chosen reality.

“If you have difficulties believing we think our reality, not believing is a good start!”

As with any addict who consumes more and more of the same substance the “thinkaholic” goes for another “think” in order to maintain the illusion that the original drink is going to help in some way. ( I mean think )

So when it transpires that our conscious investment often doesn’t pay off, the original A to B thinking of thought results in a new think of stress, poor decision making and as the ego fights for the survival of  its illusionary existance, people have been known to get tetchy even aggressive, whilst the sense of unconscious defensiveness causes them to miss otherwise naturally occurring opportunities.

This is the plight of the all to common thinkaholic, and if you suffer from stress due to thinking at work you are not alone. It is the western worlds most common cause of sickness in the workplace!

We have a natural state of mind and we are only getting in our own #way

2. Is thinking making your home life unhappy?

Have you every been at home and noticed that your family keeps on reacting to the first thing that crosses their worried minds. Which in turn demands certain responses and recognition for what the other person is then feeling, and because these thoughts travel quickly through a persons mind, you can only guess as to what they are really thinking and as the thoughts and beliefs they stimulate accumulate over a number of years, our true natural self can get smeared in the deluge of reality shifting thinking that eventually leads to arguments, a sense of incompatibility anxiety fear and the eventual break down of a marriage or relationship.

Two voices are always talking to us one is our wisdom and the other our typical day to day #thinking

3. Do you think because you are shy with other people?

In future when you are in new company are you going to think about what other people think about you? Do you become shy and more introverted by the fear how someone else may perceive you? Do you think that people will be critical of you? Have you thought these thoughts for so long ago that you are no longer aware that you originally thought them, even though they still cause you to be anxious and even more self critical in social situations? If the answer is yes, you are likely to be blocking your innate self and can no longer hear you inner sense of wisdom that is silently trying to raise to the surface, and like so many others there is a  strong chance you are a thinkaholic and can’t bring your self to believe it, because just maybe right now you are hankering for another think?


4. Is thinking affecting your reputation?

In the past did things generally seem to run more smoothly? Were people drawn to you, at times asking your advice whilst lapping up your company? Did you feel as though people respected your opinions and values? How long ago was that?

As we get older we tend to hold onto our older experiences and carry them in our thoughts as real. Conscious or unconscious this is a trap many people find themselves in. What is real in our twenties isn’t in our forties, life changes and unless we stop thinking the old patterns the new will not be able to surface. It can leave you feeling off track. The human race is addicted to old thinking, but in the end it will only serve to chip away at a once blossoming reputation, as the ramifications for not automatically adjusting slowly start to affect your every day life.

5. Have you ever felt remorse after thinking?

We have all thought things, and in the spur of the moment acted them out, only to find the impact wasn’t quite what you were thinking , making you feel remorseful and guilty. Or as a potential thinkaholic when you suddenly realise that you have been thinking yourself into a stupor for all those years, restricting your deep rooted and automatically present naturally thinking self, has it made you feel tearful at the release of finally understanding why you get yourself into the same difficulties over and over again?

6. Have you gotten into financial difficulties as a result of your thinking?

Retail therapy? Smoking your credit card? Did you think it was a good idea to take your debt level right to the limit? Do you find now that you are in the trap of your good thoughts, slaving to pay off your overdraft? I bet you thought it was  a good idea at the time? If you had been in tune with your deeper thinking or inner wisdom what would it have told you all those months ago?  O.K. its easy with hindsight and if your previous decisions were due to layer after layer of thinking addiction, e.g. I’ll be happy just when I’ve got that pair of shoes, or I’d be happy if I had a car just like Mr Jones? It’s not really your thought if nobody pointed it out to you?

All around the world people war because they believe their thinking


7. Do you turn to lower companions and an inferior environment when thinking?

How often have you followed someone else’s thinking without realising it?

There are different kinds of thinking and by engaging with your own intuitive nature you instantly know when somebody else is doing the same thing. Just following an intellectual idea on the basis that somebody else came up with it, can lead you into an inferior working, social or even family environment. Your outside influences can affect your decision making, so understanding when another person or group is making good strong intuitive choices can mean the difference between feeling on or off track within yourself.

8. Does your thinking make you careless of your family’s welfare?

Due to your thinking, have you recently lost sight of your families needs and feel confused as to your relationship or role around them. Are you stressed, over worked and out of touch with what is happening in their lives? Have you got the sense of clarity to know when they are down, up or if that night out on the town with friends was a good idea? Are you increasingly finding it hard not to lose your temper around them or snap automatically when you think you are in the right?

9. Has your ambition decreased since thinking?

Have you recently started to feel low without knowing why? Could it be that failure is presenting itself back to you as a result of your previous ideas and thinking? Are your relationships with people becoming more difficult and strained since your ambition is floundering. Are you so used to believing your thinking that to stop seems like a non possibility because its all you have ever known?

The #caterpillar doesn’t work at becoming the butterfly

10. Do you crave a think at a definite time daily?

In the middle of that afternoon meeting, all that information you have to take in? Do you get the urge to think, to remember things more clearly? Forgetting that thinking doesn’t engage you, but stifles our inner resource to connect and respond. When its time to cook the dinner do you get anxious at the thought of having to do it, as opposed to quietly working your way through, whilst staying open to anything that may crop up? Or do you crave a think before you step into the office in the morning for no apparent reason, even though you know that you don’t know what lies behind the door?

Our consciousness gives us an experience of whatever our #thoughts create and it makes that #creation look real

11. Do you want a think the next morning?

After a crazy stressful and mind blowing day on the think, do you want another think to lift the pain of the previous days thinking?


12. Does thinking cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?

Tossing and turning in the night, trying to think yourself to sleep, when all the while your natural inner resource, once engaged will send you to sleep without even trying? Are you so busy thinking about the things you have to do tomorrow that you cant get to sleep at night?

13. Has your efficiency decreased since thinking

Are you a bit of an analiser thinking that analising holds all the answers to what you seek, and the sense of release that you crave. Are you out of touch with your straight and clear self that naturally occurs when you stop analising. Has all of your thinking made you tired and close to burn out, whilst you are not quite able to put your finger on why you are not as efficient as you used to be?

14. Is thinking jeopardizing your job or business?

Are you overly distracted by your thinking? Are you so out of tune with your staff members, all because you believe your thinking before theirs? Is you ego causing you to make poor strategic business decisions as a result of your extenuated thinking?

We’re only as #stuck as we think we are

15. Do you think to escape from worries or troubles?

When you are in a corner, do you think of something else in a fruitless bid to change the way you feel about your troubles?

16. Do you think alone?

There you are sitting at home on the sofa, nobody is around, you have been looking forward to some key time on your own, and all you want to do is think over and over about….well anything that comes to mind, driving yourself stir crazy? Is it a case of any think will do when all you need to do is relax?

17. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory as a result of your thinking?

Recently misplaced the car keys even when you think you must know where they are? Get the sense you are blocking some effective inner knowledge?


18. Do you think to build up your self-confidence?

In the past when you have had less confidence, have you used thinking to big yourself up? Make yourself feel good sometimes at the expense of others? Has this led to a false feeling of self importance destroying your connection with others in the process?

No problem can be solved from the same level of #consciousness that created it

19. Have you ever been in a hospital or institution on account of thinking?

It could be that you thought you could cross that road, because your thinking told you it was clear. Or did you think you could take that guy out in a blind bout of road rage landing you in hospital, with a broken leg or in a prison cell, has your thinking landed you a future date with the magistrate?

Is thinking slowly destroying your life? I would love to hear your comments

Kindest Regards


John Jenkinson

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