Psychic development and the stages of awareness

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Psychic awareness

Psychic ability is perhaps miss labelled. "It isn’t really an ability."

third eye awareness and healing

To be psychic and in the free flow of life within your awareness is to be adapt to your psychic ability. This is different to the cultural expectation of psychic awareness that understands psychics as those that can predict the future. Of course living and flowing within your ability (is to a certain level) predicting the future. But it is much more than that. Developing psychically is part of and only part of your wider spiritual growth. Your evolution. Psychic awareness is often the first step in the soul ascension process. When we start out the third eye starts to expand. It begins by noticing life differently. This psychic expansion starts to incorporate the deeper aspects of your life and your perception.

During this phase you will start noticing what people are going to do next. You will feel as though you already know what somebody else is going to say and you will have to start dealing with the emotions you have because of this and more importantly the avoidance strategies you start to develop.

First stage awareness

First stage psychic awareness is when your psychic ability resides within the ego. Another way of interpreting this is that your psychic awareness sits within the reality of thought. You can think both consciously and unconsciously. The snag here is that you are largely unconscious in the realm of thought. So to the first stager the opening and closing of the awareness (via the traditional development method of opening and closing the chakras) is only the starting point in your evolutionary process.

Second stage awareness

Second stage psychic awareness happens from a soul perspective. At this point you hold the ability to walk through life from a different life position you are able to live more freely from behind the mind. Or behind the limiting reality of thought/polarity. When second stage awareness is initiated it is crucial that the person involved starts to let go of the old style thinking this often resides deep within the unconscious mind. It is also where past experiences reside. Including positive happy experiences and not so nice traumatic ones too. This initial second stage activation can be an uncomfortable one as the person involved may find themselves in a battle of the soul’s desire and the egos bid to survive. At this point of development, the person involved will find it harder to open and close their awareness as they were taught prior to their second stage activation.

So combining with letting go of the past a second stage psychic has to also accept from a deeper level. You will have to connect to the light like never before and may have to face the ensuing life changes that occur as reality starts mirror back changes. With a new found inner light you can follow your energy and hold your energy without being affected by the outside world. You can channel openly and heal correctly from this place. You might also reflect back to others that which they need to know, in order for them to progress their own development. You will do this without trying. So it will bring many more tests.

On the plus side you will be able to manifest purely and often instantly. Your ego will become less pronounced and you may find that you have a swing situation from being highly connected to your higher power. To being sucked back into your own own and other people’s egos. But ultimately you will have a gift that allows you to connect to the most heavenly and compassionate feelings that appear to allude most others. (at this current time)  

I have hope you enjoy this article. Listen to the youtube audio to help assist your development. Its great to help you connect each day.

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