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I love crystals! I mean, I really love them.
I tend to my crystals in the same way as I do all other living things which I feel a duty of care for.
I appreciate the crystals i work with for their individuality, their personal characteristics, their beauty and specific properties and abilities. I notice if they are needing appreciation, to be held, to feel useful, or a change of environment. I believe in them.
Yes. I do believe in the therapeutic powers of crystals- and 
I have a passion for sharing this- educating people about ways in which crystals can enhance our lives. This statement may sound a bit challenging for some people, but I also believe that crystals 
want me to help them in their work.

I have such huge enthusiasm for the ways in which I know that crystals can enhance people’s quality of life and sense of well-being that I am always trying to find new ways of introducing them.

You see, they work just by being noticed. So whether you have a qualification in gemology or have never read a book about crystals and minerals in your life makes no odds. In fact, in some ways, the fewer fixed beliefs you have about crystals the better. Crystals respond simply by being noticed- often you will find that you are drawn to a crystal which is a perfect energetic balance to something which you are currently experiencing in your life, without even being consciously aware of it.

On a practical level, I wanted to become a crystal healer to help add to the range of ways in which I can help people and assist in their spiritual development. Hands on therapies like massage are wonderful for relieving and soothing physical tension, aches and pains- and Reiki is a fantastic energetic healing treatment- a gentle yet powerful 'pick me up' for people who are unable to receive massage or would prefer a less direct treatment.  And teaching reiki and energy healing enables me to share with people the innate ability which we all have to heal ourselves- simply by becoming more in tune with our broader 'holistic' needs.

Crystal healing allows me to offer an even finer level of service. I can tap into my intuitive ability to understand what a person’s energy field is communicating that it ‘needs’ in order to feel balance. This, combined with my crystal knowledge and creative power enables me to help address and balance these areas through unique personalised healing treatments.

Looking back, there are many people in the past - my family, friends, colleagues and clients who I could have helped even further with crystal therapy- for times of trauma, loss, bereavement, difficulties with their health and life circumstances.

I am so grateful for the opportunity and privilege I have to work with crystals in this way every day.

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