Crystals have been recognised for their energetic healing and protective properties since ancient times. Crystal healing uses a metaphysical approach to holistic wellbeing.

Crystals are created when minerals align over time. They are always arranged in a pattern which builds up slowly and is formed in such a way that an energy field is contained within and around each crystal.

A crystal builds up a tiny electric charge within when it is struck, rubbed or twisted. When placed within an electric field a crystal will bend and flex. This is known as the piezoelectric effect- which is used in watches, clocks and chronometers- the quartz crystal vibrates regularly- keeping the watch to time.

The more a crystal is handled and worked with, the greater its charge will be. Although the charge is small, it is still strong enough to be felt by sensitive people like crystal healers.

These qualities mean that crystals respond to and affect the energy field of those who own and work with them.

We can work with crystals in many ways to improve our overall health and wellbing. Crystals benefit us by working directly 'on' a person- by being held, carried or worn, or in the room or area 'around' the person- to discharge stagnation of energy and increase energy flow.

Individual crystals are recognised as carrying specific energetic and healing properties- and can assist with particular areas of 'dis- ease', increasing overall wellbeing.

Your gentle crystal healing session with Emma could incorporate crystals in a number of ways, so whether you are looking for:

-chakra alignment and aura cleansing

-relief from issues affecting your neurological, lymphatic or circulatory systems

-healing for family or past life issues-

We can tailor a programme to help. Each session will last one hour and will use a combination of crystal wands, pendulums and chakra crystals. Treatment is carried out fully clothed lying on a massage table. Cost per session is £50. Block bookings are available at a reduced price. Please contact 07813 396659 to book.