Guided meditations

In this guided meditation  John Jenkinson takes you on relaxing journey. Featuring soothing and uplifting sounds. You will go deeper into your mind and with your permission you will start to connect to a more etheral part of you. During this phase you will receive suggestions that will help expand your third eye and psychic awarness. It can be very stabalising and to those already reheresed in psychic awareness. The meditation will help and encourage your connection to the light. Very uplifting. Click here for related blog post.

Healing rays of silver light. Directed into a deep medatative state the pacier soundtrack on this audio can give you the sensation of healing. Whilst it isn't designed to be therapy or a full blown healing session it can help you day to day with some of the unconscious things that might get in our way. These include early life experiences. Karmic lessons and past life tests. When listened to all the way through it will have positive result. it is a good precursor to those considering coming to the centre for therapy and healing. Embrace and experience silver light energy.