Healing with emma

About Emma

The commonest reasons that bring clients to me for holistic treatments are issues like being in pain, feeling stress and tension, having problems with sleeping or digestion.

To understand what takes place in a session with me, the term 'holistic' needs to be explained first.

The basis is, that we are complex creatures with a range of needs- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual- and all these needs must be acknowledged and in balance for us to feel a true sense of overall wellbeing.

If factors in our lives combine to prevent us from being able to meet our basic needs, our whole system will attempt to flag up issues that need addressing.

If we persist in ignoring these calls for attention, we eventually begin to experience physical symptoms such as pain and illness- the final cards our physical body can play in asking us to slow down, take stock and make some changes- hopefully finding a way of allowing ourselves to live in the true 'flow' of our lives.

So, clients might come to me initially for a holistic massage to address stress or muscular pain, but through the course of their healing process, they may discover that their pain is actually due to a feeling of being trapped in the wrong relationship; or that their insomnia stems from a feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of acknowledgement at work for example.

Each session normally lasts about 60 minutes, but the treatment process, which includes therapeutic discussion too can take up to 2 hours.

During a treatment you can expect to receive a combination of holistic massage, Indian head massage, reiki energy healing, crystal healing and therapeutic coaching- tailored specifically to your individual needs. I often gift people crystals which I feel might assist them too. These treatments are unique to me and specific to you- so even if someone else attempted to mimic my 'routine' the experience could not be the same!

Clients often become aware of other thoughts, memories or sensations whilst healing is taking place. I will also feed back things which I am becoming aware of during their treatment- this may be about a colour which is significant for them, a crystal which they may benefit from having, an image of a person or event Which holds some significance for them for example.

I am clairsentient. This gift allows me to 'sense' how a person feels without them needing to talk about it. Sometimes this takes the form of feeling a persons actual pain and be able to tell them where it is located. Other times this means I pick up on the emotions a person is feeling.

I am also clairaudient. This means I receive information about matters which people have not yet discussed with anyone . Sometimes I find myself sharing quite complex information which I wasn't even aware that I 'knew'.

These qualities have obviously allowed me to work very effectively in a wide range of counselling, supporting and information sharing roles in the past and enable me to be a very sensitive and responsive therapist.

Although people generally leave after one session feeling lighter, more relaxed and fresher, treatments are generally most efficient over a number of weeks.

So to sum up- when you come to me for a treatment or teaching- be prepared for much much more than a simple massage or training course! Clients will vouch that a treatment or training course with me has literally turned their life around.

Go on, take the first step. How can you lose?!