Holistic massage supports healing of the 'whole' person through sensitive touch and adaption of a range of therapies to a client's individual needs. It has evolved from from longstanding eastern and western massage traditions and draws on a vast range of knowledge. Influences include meditation, counselling- and the understanding of the impact of stress on health- swedish massage techniques and eastern based disciplines like yoga and tai chi.

Holistic massage can

  • relax tight muscles
  • improve circulation, nervous function and joint mobility
  • ease arthritis and back pain
  • soothe 'busy minds'
  • reduce stress & insomnia
  • increase self awareness and self esteem.

As a skilled and experienced holistic therapist I bring all of my knowledge and sensitivity to 'read' what I sense that your 'whole' system is telling me that it needs to heal in order for you to feel better.

When i put my hands on your body and 'tune in' to how you are feeling, your body communicates to me. I can 'feel where you feel pain, anxiety or anger. Your body literally tells me how you physically 'feel' about all these things- through your posture and how much tension you hold in certain areas. 

A holistic massage treatment with me could include an individually tailored combination of the following:

  • gentle touch
  • working off the physical body and interpreting the 'aura'
  • Swedish massage techniques
  • percussion techniques
  • passive joint movement and stretches
  • appropriate techniques from other related bodywork like crystal healing and reiki.

Sessions are carried out on a massage couch and last either 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Contact me on 07813 396659 for more information and to book