Hypnotherapy can promote deep relaxation and is a great alternative or compliment to other mainstream treatments. It can assist with a wide range of issues including :

  • addictions
  • weight loss
  • chronic pain
  • stress reduction
  • childhood issues
  • sleep disorders
  • behaviour change
  • recovery of buried memories
  • anxiety and depression

Your first appointment of hypnotherapy will be relaxed and low key. It is an opportunity for you to find out more about how your treatments will be structured and for me to find out more about what has brought you here.

There is a big difference between 'Stage hypnosis' and hypnotherapy. Stage hypnosis is performance. It does demonstrate that hypnosis 'works' but it is nothing whatsoever like the process of what takes place in a hypnotherapy session. 

Hypnotherapy is just that- a therapeutic process. Unless you have a particular life experience which means that it is absolutely necessary for you to cluck like a chicken or eat raw onions you will never have to do these things in a hypnotherapy session. No-one is watching or listening in your session, it is not recorded and all our conversations are confidential.

Many people are reassured to know that hypnosis can take place with your eyes open or closed. This has its avantages as it means you don't need to try to 'make' things happen. This is particulary useful because it also means that any painful experiences can be dealt with comfortably and at a rate that’s appropriate for you. 

It is not unusual to feel anxious in the lead up to your first appointment or when you arrive. It is normal for us to feel nervous about the unknown. So please don't cancel or back out of your appointment when you have already taken the hardest step- getting in touch and asking for help. I am a genuine and caring person with more than 15 years experience in the field and can reassure you that you are not alone. Hypnotherapy can free you of this anxiety and much more.

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