You can now learn Reiki to help heal yourself and others.  Our progressive Reiki courses are highly effective and will lift you to view your life and your concept of wellbeing from a new empowered perspective.

Through reiki and other energy healing methods, Emma has supported huge numbers of people to overcome life challenges and life limiting conditions. With over 20 years therapeutic experience, her holistic methods bring dramatically improvements on a physical and metaphysical level.

Emma works in a person centred way to help connect you to universal healing energy and guide you to understand how you can harness it yourself to heal and change your own life.

You've probably already heard good reports about how reiki healing has freed people from painful long term conditions and limiting life challenges, but may still want to know how it all works before you commit to a treatment or training course.

"Reiki works alongside all other therapies to heal the conscious and subconscious mind, body, and spirit."

Reiki healing helps to clear old energy which may be limiting your potential to feed good. Reiki can permanently change the way we feel - and live our lives- for the better. By shifting stagnant energy and bringing in new higher vibration energy, we allow the possibility of living life from a positive new perspective.

Reiki treatments with Emma help:

  • accelerate self healing- returning you to your natural optimum state
  • acheive balance and a sense of harmony
  • boost the immune system
  • clear energetic blocks
  • raise energy and wellbeing
  • release stress and anxiety
  • promote deep relaxation
  • quieten busy mind
  • improve conditions like pain, arthritis, sciatica, chronic fatigue, migraine
  • release negative emotional experiences
  • relieve insomnia

The science behind Reiki

Many people do not know that Reiki is a quantified and measurable energy source. Energy emited from the hands of Reiki healers has become documented in controlled and critcally observed scientific processes.

"Reiki has measurable electrical and magnetic qualities". states James L. Oschman, Ph.D., one of the leading authorities on the science of energy medicine, in his book Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance. “We focus on these energies because these are the easiest to measure and we know more about their effects.”

Ampere’s Law  is a basic law of physics which explains the electrical and magnetic energies within and around the human body. This law states that 'when electrical currents flow through conductors- whether they are wires or living tissue - a magnetic field is produced in the surrounding space'. Since living tissue conducts electricity, the heart, brain, and other muscles and organs create a magnetic field around the body, called the biomagnetic field.

For more about Reiki and science click here.

Anybody can learn Reiki

Whether you want to learn reiki to heal yourself, you family or animals, or to open your own Reiki practice, Emma can teach you. Emma can teach you all levels of Reiki. Each level will attune you to and further build your connection to reiki energy. Learning Reiki can help you and others to:

  • offer additional support to family members through times of illness or injury
  • boost immunity
  • manage stressful periods
  • increase wellbeing
  • relax and unwind
  • manage pain
  • expand your healing and spiritual journey
  • offer additional support to patients in medical environments .eg. nurses, doctors, carers etc
  • offer healing to animals, situations and the environment


Reiki level 1

Holistic healing

What is Reiki?

History and principles

Hand Positions

Reiki 1 attuenement

Practical Experience

21-day Self Healing Programme

Reiki level 2

Review of Reiki 1


Healing others

Grounding and protection

The three symbols

Reiki 2 attunement


Auras and chakras

Your reiki practice

Reiki level 3

Review of Reiki 2

The responsibility of master

Professional boundaries

Teaching style

Reiki 3 Master Attunement

Other symbols

Continuing to learn

Useful resources