Past life regression can offer a great alternative to mainstream therapies. It works on the idea that we have all existed in previous lifetimes and that we may have previously experienced any challenges or recurring 'themes' in our current life before. 

  • Maybe you have had counselling but haven’t completely managed to accept or shift what's bothering you?
  • Maybe you are continuing to sabotage your current life and you don't know why?
  • Maybe you just intuitively know that a past life experience is affecting your emotional state today in some way?

If you already believe that you have 'been here before',  Past life regression may be very useful therapy to consider, but it is also just as beneficial as an alternative approach for those who are simply looking for a different style of therapy.

Past life regression enables you to regress to a positive place where it is possible for you to let go of karmic patterns that are effecting you now. It works on the basis that our subconscious mind holds any information that may be blocked by our conscious mind and current conditioning. Hypnosis enables us to bypass the conscious mind, accessing exactly what it is that the subconscious mind is needing to identify, resolve and heal.

Regression can highlight a wide range of past lives and challenges- some examples are:

  • The roman soldier – fearful that life is a battle and wanting prove their self worth
  • The RAF Pilot – desperate to return to their love afraid to be to far away from home
  • The star 'born' at the beginning of the universe - desiring a fresh start and new challenges

The aim is not so much to identify through the past life but rather to let go of the old feeling which is associated with the previous life, for example:

  • The nun who believed vehemently in religion - later finding peace of mind in this life by 'allowing things to be'
  • The sailor who was always drawn to being by the sea – later becoming settled and comfortable in their current chosen life.

Past life regression can have many positive and gratifying effects. So, whether you are aware that you have past life issues because you just 'know' that you have a particular connection to a place or period in time- or whether you are simply curious, we can assure you that your experience will be a safe and positive one- which should leave you feeling lighter and less burdened by the routines of your life.

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