Reiki 1 Training


This comprehensive one day course introduces you to the history of reiki and the basic concepts of holistic healthcare and working with energy. Students are attuned to reiki level 1- self healing. 

This course introduces you to the origins of reiki and how it fits within the holistic healthcare model. We discuss the ideals of holistic wellbeing, the history of reiki, the process of 'exchange' in giving and receiving energy and the reiki principles. We also talk about science and reiki and explore the involvement of chakras and auras in wider field of energy work.

I guide you through a process of identifying and understanding your own energy and noticing the energy of others- before you receive your reiki level 1 attunement.

We will explore reiki energy and work through the process of connecting to reiki, including the hand positions which are used for treatments and how to give a reiki treatment. I introduce you to other means of channelling reiki energy too.

We clarify the importance of cleansing, grounding and distancing after giving a reiki treatment and I guide you through the 21 day clearing process. We will talk about how you will continue your reiki self treatment after you leave along with other resources available for expanding your knowledge and continuing your practice.

Full course notes and beautiful certificate are also provided with this course.