Reiki 3 Training


Are you ready to step up to the role of Reiki Master? After this course you can teach reiki workshops and complete the reiki system for your own spiritual development.


Every reiki master teacher has to write their own manual, to pass on what they have learned to their students. It is an important part of the teaching role, handing on the knowledge and energy of the master. My manual contains the core reiki teachings, along with supporting information which I feel will support and expand your learning about reiki. To save paper, save ink and save the planet, it is possible to receive your manual in PDF form.


The Universe brings the right people together at the right time. Lasting friendships are made as people discover 'coincidences' - perhaps similar life path, interests, backgrounds and sometimes challenges. The Universe will bring you together with those on a similar place on the spiritual path. I will support you individually and as a group.