Reiki is a lovely, gentle non invasive healing method which works either 'hands on' the clothed body, around the body in its energy field, or remotely through 'intent'. 

Emma has practiced reiki for over 13 years and became a reiki master/teacher in 2006:

"To me, reiki is a way of life- reiki energy can be used in infinite ways to achieve the best outcome on all levels. 

Allowing reiki into our lives can make longer term changes in how we view or understand our circumstances and the decisions which we make in relation to them. If you are open to it, reiki energy can be life changing! 

I am delighted to offer you a range of reiki treatments. You can book a hands on reiki healing treatment; a distant reiki session or a reiki course- and learn how to use reiki on yourself and others. You can also join our reiki share and expand your reiki skills in a safe environment.

A one hour reiki session costs £50. A course of four sessions is recommended. 

I teach all three Reiki degrees. Reiki training courses cost from £150- £450. 

Our reiki sharing group costs £6 per person per session. 

I also offer a Reiki 'reboot' session for those who have previously learned reiki and are looking for support. reiki reboot is £90.

Please contact me on 07813 396659 to discuss your individual needs.